Whether it applies to entrepreneurs or businesses Paul focuses on teams and organizations that make a commitment to constant evolution in order to meet today’s challenges and tomorrow’s opportunities. He seeks to understand and explain why we’re at the point where ongoing change is absolutely crucial, why we resist it so much, and how to set our bearings and figuring out how we can get there in shifting seas. Paul is also a disciple of never being done, constantly challenging himself and inviting others to join in, to push and evolve the ideas together, developing businesses and people ready to meet whatever uncertainty the world throws at us. Care to join us on our journey?
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At the heart of it all Paul is an explorer; as a child he wanted to be an astronaut but instead now explores the world through diving, flying, researching and experimenting. His fascination with creative, innovative and entrepreneurial souls started a long time ago in Toronto; while working at Citytv he started his own production company and he realized he was more interested in running his own business. Back at school to do an MBA Paul was labeled as being ‘almost unemployably creative’ however much to the surprise of his classmates he took a job in strategy consulting, arguably his last job working directly for ‘the man’. Since then he’s worked exclusively with entrepreneurs, running the consulting team at one of the first Canadian internet firms, creating strategy at ad agencies, leading consumer products at an online funds processor, founding a business building custom aircraft and GM’ing a division of a paramedical services company. Now at Combustion, a boutique training firm recognized and respected globally, Paul develops business and thought leadership (particularly in creative cultures) within a team empowering people to generate wicked ideas, collaborate better, be powerful and engaging leaders, and authentically and emotionally engage their clients.

He regularly helps entrepreneurs start up (including a brief stint in Haiti) and sits on the Advisory Boards of the Leader Project (a student run international entrepreneur training program out of Ivey) and the Management Studies degree program at Humber Business School.


With a BAA (Ryerson) and an MBA (Ivey) Paul figured it would be fun (and slightly masochistic) to try for more letters after his name than before it. Recently earning an MSC in BRM (Henley School of Business, UK) he’s now working on his doctorate (Henley) with a focus on how entrepreneurial teams choose their opportunities. This research helps challenge, inform and evolve his work as well as ensuring it’s grounded in analytics not opinion.


Paul’s speaking chops started as a public speaking champ back in Grade 6 at the Kiwanis Festival but have only grown through time spent in broadcast, amateur theatre and improv. In the last few years the time spent in front of audiences has ramped up including engagements at:

OASIS Conference, Ottawa, 2017
Creative Problem Solving Institute – 2015, 2016, 2017
TDCSB – Speaker for Citywide Gifted Kids Program
University of Toronto SC – C3 Inspire
CMA CRM and Federated Press’ Outsourcing E-Commerce





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